Beach Bum Rum

Sink deeper into your deck chair with this darker option.

Its colour is clean and clear with hints of dark honey. It smells like the sweeter things in life and has the aromas of butterscotch, shortbread, toasted coconut and vanilla. The taste is deep, fresh and laidback with the flavours of caramel apples, vanilla crème brûlée, toasted coconut, dried fruits and freshly ground coffee. The finish is smooth and lingering, drifting away to French toast and raw honey.

Enjoy it in summery cocktails or with a mixer on the rocks.

The Great Escape

If you belong to the league of the collared-and-tied-to-their-desks and are scrambling up the corporate ladder while staring wistfully at the idyllic island on your desktop wallpaper – we get you. We know the rat race is a hamster wheel of same thing, different day, round and round the clock. The air-conditioned air is stifling. Everything’s beige. You long to feel the sand beneath your feet as you shuffle along the office hallways. And the sun is long gone by the time you make your nightly exit. You need a drink. You need a holiday.

We know. So we made Beach Bum Rum – your escape from the daily grind infused with the spirit and flavours of Mauritius. Lose the tie, put your feet up and live the island.

Mauritius' Sugar
& Rum Story

The story of rum starts with sugarcane, which was first introduced to Mauritius by the Dutch settlers. The island’s climate and soil were ideal for growing sugarcane and the first plantations took root in no time. While proper rum wasn’t on the cards just yet, the thirsty settlers dabbled in making a sort of rudimentary rum called arrack. At first they distilled palm sap and coconut to create this clear, alcoholic liquid and later used molasses, a by-product of sugar production.

When the French took over in 1710, and 100 years later, the British, the true economic benefits of sugarcane were realised. Back then, sugar was worth its weight in gold and soon the business of producing and exporting it was booming.

Rum was patiently waiting in the wings and it was only in 1852 when Mauritius’ first commercial rum distilleries were fired up.



Beyond the sun, sea and sand, slightly more inland, Mauritius is all about sugarcane. With almost four centuries’ experience in growing the stuff and just the right terroir, the island is geared for producing some of the best quality sugar in the world. 

About 27 types of sugarcane are grown on Mauritius and, bringing their own distinctive characteristics to the mix, a little bit of each one goes into making Beach Bum Rum. We follow the traditional method to make our rum and add an extra kick of island flavour by infusing it with vanilla and coconut. You can’t get any more Mauritian than that.



The coconut is the undisputed mascot of island getaways. Like sugarcane, Mauritius’ first coconut trees were planted by the Dutch East India Company. The species is an heirloom variety from Java in Indonesia, and when making our dark and white rum we use both the young and old coconuts for an exciting balance of different flavours.



In 1819, French entrepreneurs shipped vanilla fruits to the islands of Réunion and Mauritius, Comoros islands, Seychelles, and Madagascar, along with instructions for pollinating them.

By 1898, the islands produced a combined 200 metric tons of vanilla beans, about 80% of world production!
We use a mix of grade-a and grade-b “vanilla planifolia” also knowns as bourbon vanilla in our white and dark rum products.

The Drink

Dark Rum

Available SKU size: 700ml

  • Alc: 40% abv

  • Format: 750ml

  • Visual: Clean, clear and dark honey colour liquid

  • Nose: Clean and fresh, Notes of butterscotch, shortbread biscuit, toasted coconut, vanilla

  • Palate: Deep, fresh and easy drinking, Caramel apples, vanilla crème-brulee, toasted coconut, dried fruits and fresh ground coffee

  • Finish: Smooth and lingering, fading away to french toast and raw honey. Perfect for mixing in cocktails, served with a mixer or on the rocks

White Rum

Available SKU size: 700ml

  • Alc: 40% abv

  • Format: 750ml

  • Visual: Clean and clear liquid

  • Nose: Clean and fresh, Notes of banana leaf, young coconut pulp, unsweetend vanilla

  • Palate: Light, fresh and easy drinking Sugarcane, vanilla, coconut pulp, banana leaf, tropical fruits, fresh cut grass

  • Finish: Smooth and lingering. Perfect for mixing in cocktails, served with a mixer or on the rocks


Hott Butt

60ml Spiced Bam Bam
1 small slice of soft butter (real butter!)
1 teaspoon of honey
3 cloves
1 Star anise
1 cinnamon stick
120ml of hot water

Add all spices, butter and honey to a cup. Pour the rum on top and stir well. Let it sit for about 30 seconds. Add the hot water and stir again. Make sure that your water is hot, but not boiling. If the water is too hot it can ruin the flavours of the drink - think like making tea.

On the Rocks

60ml Spiced Bam Bam
Ice cube(s) (optional)
Orange wheel (optional)

Neat, on the rocks or with a refreshing twist of orange.

Bitter, Fruit, Grain

60ml Spiced Bam Bam
30ml Maraschino Liqueur
30ml Lime Juice
15ml Grapefruit Juice

Add all ingredients to a Boston and shake with ice. Double strain into a Martini or Coupe glass. Garnish with grapefruit or maraschino cherry.

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