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Cape Byron Distillery is perched in the heart of the Brook Family’s 96 acre Farm (Brookfarm) in the hinterland of Byron Bay. From the top of the farm, you can see the first light pass over the lighthouse. The distillery itself rests amongst the macadamia orchard & rainforest that the Brook’s have regenerated. The distillery was purpose-built on one of the only bare plots of land remaining. Inside you will find our custom-made copper pot still (named George), next to our cellar door bar made from locally sourced Norfolk pine and recycled materials.

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The thriving ecosystem & lush subtropical rainforest that Cape Byron Distillery rest amongst is a direct result of the Brook family’s passion for rainforest regeneration. 30 years ago Pam & Martin Brook purchased a run-down dairy farm in the hinterland of Byron Bay. Since then they have regenerated and replanted over 35,000 subtropical rainforest trees, creating an oasis for native animals and birds.

Brookie's Dry Gin Bottle
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Eddie Brook
& Jim McEwan

Jim McEwan, ‘The Cask Whisperer’, is often referred to as the Bruce Springsteen of the whisky industry. With over 52 years experience in the distilling industry, winning countless awards and accolades. Jim is the only distiller in the world to win Master Distiller of the year three times and in 2014 was given a Hall of Fame lifetime achievement award. He truly is a master of his craft.

Eddie Brook grew up regenerating rainforest on his family farm in the hinterland of Byron Bay, where the Distillery now lies. From this upbringing he acquired a passion for native Australian rainforest fruits and flavours. “The rainforest that my family has regenerated over the past 30 years is the ideal pantry for making great spirits.

The Drinks

Byron Slow Gin
Brookie's Slow Gin

Available SKU size: 700ml, 350ml, 50ml.

  • Made in the traditional style of the English ‘Sloe’ gin
  • The Davidsonia plum is a rare rainforest fruit
  • Davidson plums are steeped in Brookie’s Dry gin for over 6 months
  • The Davidson plum is indigenous to Northern NSW, packed with an array of vitamins and minerals, a true ‘bushfood’ delicacy
  • Blended with Mount Warning spring water and bottled at 26%ABV
  • Expect exhilarating flavours of rose, watermelon and bright plum
  • Over the past 30 years the Brook family has regenerated over 35,000+ rainforest trees on their macadamia farm in the hinterland of Byron Bay
Byron Dry Gin
Brookie's Dry Gin

Available SKU size: 700ml, 350ml, 50ml.

  • Created with 26 botanicals, 18 indigenous to the Northern Rivers (Byron Bay)
  • Native botanicals include- Byron Sunrise Finger Limes, Aniseed Myrtle, Cinnamon Myrtle, Macadamia, Native Ginger, Native Raspberry & many more
  • Made with pure Mt Warning Spring Water
  • Hand crafted in a custom-made copper pot still
  • Proportion of profits go towards the Big Scrub Land Care Foundation, caring for and regenerating our local rainforest


Mac by Brookies
Mac Liqueur Bottle

Available SKU size: 700ml.

  • A smooth local from Byron Bay. Expect decadent flavours of Butterscotch, Cacao & Coffee.
  • Mac. by Brookie’s is a premium roasted Macadamia & Wattleseed liqueur. Crafted with natural ingredients, Mac. was made to shake things up!
  • A versatile little nutter made from locally sourced roasted Macadamia Nuts & toasted Native Australian Wattleseed. The end result is the ‘Mac Daddy’ of all nut liqueurs.
  • Effortlessly smooth, Mac. fits into any social occasion. Pour over ice with a slice of lime AKA the Easy Mac. , or mix into your Espresso Martini for something a little more unexpected. Brought to you by Brookie’s, you can rest assure that Mac. captures the true spirit of Byron.


Rusty Mac

Old Fashioned

None or Lemon Twist

Stir over ice & strain over big ice ball in glass

30ml Mac.
30ml Scotch Whisky

Espresso Martini


Float Macadamia Nut or Coffee Beans

Shake with ice & strain into glass

  • 30ml Mac.
  • 30ml Espresso
  • 30ml Vodka
  • 10ml (to taste) Sugar Syrup

Brookie's & Bucha


Aniseed myrtle & finger lime

Build in glass over ice & stir

  • 30ml Brookie’s Byron Dry Gin
  • Top with Bucha of Byron Kombucha

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