Kinahan's Single Malt

The Freedom
to Pioneer

From its founding in 1779 the Kinahan’s brand was at the forefront of whiskey making history.

Dubbed “the Pioneer of Irish Whiskey”, Kinahan’s acquired its worldwide recognition back in the 1800s for its unconventional approach to whiskey making and innovation in wooden casks. The new team at Kinahans continues this work today.

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Kinahans Irish whiskeys are made in wooden casks, which develop and complete all the complex flavours. By law the new-make spirit requires to be matured in wood for at least three years for it to qualify as Irish whiskey.

Kinahans whiskey making will often defy long-held stereotypes. An older whiskey is not always the better whiskey and age doesn’t necessarily contribute to maturity of flavour. Much more important is understanding the effect of wood, the way it is treated, how it will interact with the spirit, and how that will change over time, whether its 3 or 25 years. Get the right combination, and you will have a delicious, well balanced whiskey.

Since its foundation in 1779, at Kinahans pioneering in selection and use of wood is by far the key focus and the main gateway to what make Kinahans a great and unique whiskey for generations.

The Cask

All our whiskeys are made in wooden casks, which arrive to us from many different origins and come in different sizes. Often, the wooden casks had past lives in different industries, such as American bourbon, French wine, or Spanish sherry, but we also use a big amount of bespoke casks built for our specific needs.

Our whiskey casks are made of wooden staves (a standard 200 litre cask will have between 30-34 staves), the metal hoops that hold them together, and the cask ends. There’s also the bung hole through which casks are both filled and emptied.
It’s the casks that provide Kinahans whiskey with many of the compounds that provide its unique flavours and all of its rich colour. Our different woods and preparation methods can imbue whiskey with different properties.

The Kinahans brand was founded on 12 Trinity Street, Dublin in 1779 by Daniel Kinahan and a few passionate non-industry whiskey lovers, who set out to do things differently. The brand began its epic saga, a journey through time and an odyssey across generations.

Kinahan's Small Batch
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Nature Diversity

For centuries, oak trees, continue to be one of the main resources for the whiskey making industry. If we want to continue into generations to come, we have to be more aware of how we create our products and how we use this key resource. We have to accept a responsibility for taking care of the forests. We must remember that whilst these unique varieties of oak species make the whiskeys we so adore and enjoy, the very trees’ primary purpose is actually to support life on earth. Unavoidably, the next generations will make their decisions based on whether or not a product is damaging the planet that we all live on and this is the right direction to go.
We believe that we should not only increasingly do what’s good for the environment but also talk about it. Let’s be honest, as a small company with a very limited footprint we are not going to make exponential changes alone. But we believe that being visible about our initiatives and our thoughts for the future, will not only inspire others, but also allow us to surround ourselves with likeminded people.

The Drinks

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Single Malt 10yo
Kinahan's Single Malt

Available SKU size: 700ml

The award-winning Heritage Collection was released in 2015 in order to pay tribute to the longstanding whiskey making history of Kinahans.

This is truly one of the most exceptional traditional single malt whiskeys available on the market today. Having been featured in numerous international publications including New York Times and Bloomberg Pursuits for its extraordinary taste and character, this single malt represents fantastic value for this caliber of whiskey. Dark, oily finish, with bitter chocolate. A must try!

  • NOSE: Chocolate with tropical fruitiness.
  • PALATE: Allspice notes balanced by orange pekoe tea, cherry cobbler and touches of malt and nuts.
  • FINISH: Dark, oily, long with bitter chocolate.
  • COLOUR: Light mid golden amber.
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Small Batch Blended
Kinahan's Small Batch

Available SKU size: 700ml

Releases made under the Kinahans Heritage Collection comprise of a range of traditional whiskey styles based on new recipes made from Kinahans own private collection of matured and maturing whiskeys sourced across the Isle of Ireland.

This is your traditional blended whiskey. This Small Batch release came from the desire to blend a selection of ages in a specially selected variety of ex-bourbon casks, to create a very well balanced traditional whiskey. This is an entry level to Kinahans Heritage Collection product range.

  • NOSE: Rich, nutty, and fruity with red apples, ripe peaches, roasted almonds, a touch of allspice, and a hint of butterscotch in the background.
  • PALATE: Sweet cream, orange peel, and apricot, hints of peaches and cream, sweet spice and rolled oats.
  • FINISH: Medium long. Malty, slightly tart with a hint of lemon and touches of vanilla and oak. Toasty and complex. 
  • COLOUR: Amber Gold
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The Kasc Project

Available SKU size: 700ml

Irish whiskey is made in wooden casks, which develop most of its complex flavours. The Kasc Project is an escape into the new and previously unknown ways of whiskey making, using hybrid casks. Each cask is individually constructed from a mix of 5 different types of trees, each selected to create a blend of rich new flavours. Inspired by the original whiskey making culture that rejected tradition and the norm, The Kasc Project pushes whiskey making methods to the next level. Daring and unconventional – it’s a riot of wood.

  • NOSE: Red plum, gentle hint of pear, red apple and tropical fruits + Mediterranean caramel spice.
  • PALATE: Vanilla charred oaky notes of ripe mango with caramelised tropical fruits & chocolate caramel, lingering sun-dried raisin & fig.
  • FINISH: Gentle nutmeg, orange, clove, floral sweet honeycomb & syrupy pineapple.
  • COLOUR: Deep brown colour, typically expected from a very old whiskey.


Manhattan Cocktail

Cherry or lemon twist

Pour the ingredients in a mixing glass over ice. Stir.

25ml Kinahans
Singe Malt Whiskey
50ml Cardamaro dash Angostura Bitters
Twist Orange Zest
2 cherries

Are you old enough to buy a cocktail at the bar?