La Dama is the biggest sustainable blue agave grower in the world. We present a paradigm shift in the present and future of tequila. Our agricultural and production processes are based on the revolutionary ideas of our Mexican ancestors, their sustainable perception of nature, advanced agricultural methodology and the ritualistic aspects of their production processes.

We prioritize and acknowledge agave as the most important ingredient of tequila making, the only way of creating sustainability for the future is finding balance between the endemic ecosystems we share with Mother Earth to produce our beloved spirit, we believe this should be the norm if we want upcoming generations to have the possibility of also enjoying our ancient spirit:

Our Agave Lands

In Los Altos was once ruled by the Chichimecas, an expert hunting-gathering community with a deep understanding of natural cycles to whom we owe the creation of key cultural developments, including the first Agave spirits. Several thousand years ago, in the Chichimeca land, it was a belief that the female gender was the most important element in their society because it was the only one that could bring life and preserve it.

Their entire social organisation was built on this conception. It’s thanks to this paradigm and their astonishing ability to transform the ingredients provided to them; that the first agave derived products were created. Everything from food, clothes, and even the sacred spirit.

Juan and the Team

One of the objectives of La Dama is to rescue the original sense of community behind agave. In Mexico, we live in a beautiful yet challenging society. Although it’s true that the biggest asset of our country is its people, it’s also true that the social conditions are far from fair to the same people that help us create the Tequila. From bad public policy, environmental toxicity to unfair economical practices in the industry, the last benefited sector is the people. They are the only ones that haven’t improved their economic conditions, while the profits of major tequila companies boomed. Don Juan, our maestro agavero started working in agricultural related labors when he was ten years old, after a life of endurance and love for agave he has taught around 1000 people how to work the agave in a natural way, the way it was done 60 years ago. For us, Don Juan and everyone that works with us is a success story we want to tell. We aim to leave a legacy that said that we pushed an improvement in the socio-economical conditions of the families that work with us, that they can work in agave for love and tradition, not for necessity. We have a phrase that we repeat in our fields “We work together, we dream together, we grow together.”

The Drinks

Available SKU size: 700ml

  • La Dama is the biggest organic blue agave grower in the world. We present a paradigm shift in the present and future of tequila. Our agricultural and production processes are based on the revolutionary ideas of our Mexican ancestors

  • 40% Alc.Vol – 80 proof

  • Agave grown in single state ranches that study, monitor and preserve flora and wildlife by our botanical team for a minimum of 7 years.

  • Biodynamic principles of agriculture taught by Rudolph Steiner are in place on every La Dama ranch.

  • Agricultural plan devised to prevent erosion

  • No chemically made product was ever used


  • Maximum preservation of natural water cycle

  • Wasted agave fibers used to create bottle labels and paper with local artisans

  • 100% Agave Tequilana Weber

  • Organic certified

  • Cooked inside traditional Masonry Ovens for 72 hours

  • Fermented with endemic yeast

  • Double Distilled



Octli Cocktail

1. Add all ingredients in a shaker
2. Add ice and shake until combined
3. Add ice to glass and strain mixture over the glass
4. Garnish with a flower
5. Enjoy

1 oz La Dama Tequila
1 oz Apricot Liqueur
1/2 oz Honey
1oz Coconut Pulque
3/4oz Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice Flower

Jalisco Negroni

1. Add all ingredients to a mixing glass.
2. Add ice and stir until chilled.
3. If on the rocks, strain over ice into a glass. If up, strain into a chilled coupe or cocktail glass.
4. Garnish with an orange and peel
5. Enjoy

1 Oz La Dama Tequila
3/4 Oz sweet vermouth
3/4 Oz Contratto bitter aged with coffee bean
3 drops Cacao Bitter

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