Don't Be Told

We exist for the defiant, the determined, the definitive.
We respect those who respect themselves.
We don’t take ourselves too seriously,
like a Scotch Whisky created by an Australian,
that calls itself Pure Scot.
Above all, we love people who never blend,
but boldly drink it.

We’re Pure Scot. Don’t be told.

200 Years of Heritage

Inspired by 200 years of rich heritage from Bladnoch Distillery, Pure Scot is our fresh take on Whisky.
Our unique Bladnoch Single Malt is combined with Whisky from Speyside, the Highlands and Islay to bring Pure Scot to life with a crisp, smooth and contemporary taste. Crafted with passion and experience, Pure Scot balances provenance and progression.
In 2015, David Prior partnered with renowned whisky guru Charles Maclean, to create the Pure Scot blend alongside our passionate team. Today, the Pure Scot blend is multi-award winning for its refreshing, smooth taste. The Pure Scot blend is the perfect base for any Whisky cocktail, or simply enjoy it neat.


David Prior

The Owner
A trailblazer in his own right, David Prior is an Australian businessman, surfer and long-time Scotch Whisky lover. In 2015, David Prior became the first Australian to own a Scotch Whisky distillery. Its home, Bladnoch Distillery, tucked away in the rugged Scottish Lowlands, is where Pure Scot is brought to life. Pure Scot is our highly-awarded Blended Scotch Whisky that is spicy, smooth and refreshing.

The Drinks

Available SKU size:  700ml

  • A contemporary blend that’s luscious and versatile.

  • COLOUR: Copper gold

  • NOSE: Rich and fragrant. Old leather, toffee and fruit cake, malty with a hint of smoke.

  • PALATE: Full-bodied and mellow. Beautifully balanced rich smokiness with ginger marmalade, sweet honeyed fruit and slightly peppery.

  • FINISH: Spicy and smoky, long lasting and satisfying.

  • ABV: 40%

  • PROOF: 80º

  • VOLUME: 700ml

Available SKU size:  510ml

  • A contemporary blend that’s luscious and versatile.

  • COLOUR: Copper gold

  • NOSE: Sweet oak, barley sugar, nutmeg, a hint of citrus and green apple, and a whiff of sweet smoke.

  • PALATE: An abundance of honey and barley sugar, fresh, zesty with spicy gingerbread and orange fruity notes.

  • FINISH: Lovely texture, soft smooth and lightly spicy, with a long lasting sweet oaky, honeyed refreshing character.

  • ABV: 43%

  • PROOF: 86º

  • VOLUME: 510ml


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