A Worldwide First

Pussanga is a new style of a spirit, a hybrid. A natural blend of herbs and spices, specially selected from all over the world. Layered over a fruity pomegranate base. Subtly sweet, distinctive, piquant with chili, ginger and cardamom. A Worldwide First. Inspired by the traditional recipes of Amazonian shamans. In the late 1980s, young scientist Petra Spamer-Riether discovered the aphrodisiac pussanga plants in the Amazon region in Peru. 20 years later, she created the magic Pussanga spirit. Every bottle is unique. Best served on ice or in a selected cocktail.

The Noble Spirit

Cleverly combined – with precious pomegranate, chilli, ginger, cardamom and the aphrodisiac Pussanga plants from South America.

An incomparable taste: fruity, subtle sharpness, slight bitter note from the Pussanga roots. With 38 percent alcohol distilled several times.

In a glass ball, the purest alcohol, mixed with soft water from the mountains of the Spessarts, extracts the ingredients and flavors from the precious herbs and spices. This method, called maceration, has a long tradition. Each bottle is unique from the Pussanga spirits manufactory. Made with great attention to detail.

In 2015, Pussanga was chosen among the 100 most innovative spirits: a hybrid, a world first.
Further international awards will follow in 2016: Gold Medal at the World Spirits Awards and Silver Outstanding Medal at the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) in London.

The Story of
a Long Journey

At the end of the eighties, the young natural product chemist Petra Spamer-Riether traveled to the Amazon region of Peru for over 5 months to look for medicinal plants for a scientific work. At that time she discovered the so-called Pusanga roots, from which the shamans of the Indian tribes living there produce a stimulating love potion. Pussanga is the Indian name for these plants …

It was only 25 years later that Petra Spamer-Riether remembered these plants. Now a television journalist, she comes up with the idea of ​​developing a special spirit with magical plants based on the model of the shamans of Peru. For over a year, she worked on the complex recipe with fresh pomegranate, with chili and ginger, cardamom and valuable bourbon vanilla, and in large quantities the Pussanga plants from Peru and Mexico, which produce an incomparable aroma and provide a slightly bitter note.

Petra Spamer-Riether is the founder of Pussanga GmbH. Together with daughter Janina, she launched the magical Pussanga spirit in September 2013. The young spirit has now won several international awards.

The Drink

Available SKU size: 500ml

  • 38% alcohol
  • Unique taste: fruity, spicy and bitter in one
  • Selected as one of the most innovative spirits in the world by Cocktail Spirits Paris
  • Pure pomegranate, precious herbs from all over the world (i.a. cardamom, bourbon vanilla), new botanicals from South America, chili and ginger
  • A clear purpur red spirit with an aromatic bouquet showing the richness of Amazonia, the sensual taste of pomegranate, mythology’s apple of love, paired with spicy chili and discreet bitter notes of the pussanga plants from Peru and Mexico
  • An elegant bottle imprinted with golden letters
  • Handcrafted in Germany by Distillery Schwechower Obstbrennerei
  • Distributor England: Seaspirits



  • Cocktail Spirits Paris 2015
  • • World Spirits Award 2016 Gold
  • • IWSC London 2016 Silver outstanding
  • • Berlin International Spirits Competition 2017 Liqueur of the year Germany
  • • Berlin International Spirits Competition 2017 Silver
  • • World Spirits Award 2017 Gold
  • • New York International Spirits Competition 2017 Silver
  • • CWSA 2019 Double Gold


Pussanga Wild Berry

2cl Pussanga
8cl Prosecco
6cl Russian Wild Berry
Lime Splashes Ice cream
Seasonal berries

Place the Pussanga in a white wine glass filled with several ice cubes. Then fill up with sparkling wine and Russian Wild Berry. Garnish with seasonal berries and enjoy.


1.5cl Pussanga
4cl Gin
1.5cl fresh pink grapefruit juice
2cl lime juice
2 Dashes Bitter Truth Honey Bitter

Place all ingredients in a shaker and shake vigorously. Then strain and garnish with an orange zest.

Pussanga Digestif

4cl Pussanga
orange zest

Put the Pussanga in a glass and serve with an orange zest.

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